If you are reading this blog then you are probably looking to increase your body strength and flexibility. Here we learn some quick and easy yoga for beginner.

Due to our today’s lifestyle, aging process, stress and bad body movements we are losing our body’s flexibility. Practicing daily yoga poses help you boost your muscle strength and can reduce stress and anxiety.

In this article, we will explore various yoga poses that leads to a good level of flexibility throughout the whole body.

10 Best Yoga for Beginner that leads to better strength and mind clarity

1. Easy Pose

As from the name, it is clear that it is very easy yoga pose that anyone can do if he or she is beginner in yoga. This asanas also known as Sukhasana strengthens the back and abdominal muscles.

How to do it 

  • Just sit on the floor comfortably
  • Cross your shins and put each foot under the opposite leg knee.
  • Put your hands on your knees.
  • Take normal breathing and concentrate on it.

2. Cat-Cow Pose

This pose is helps to improve flexibility and movement in your spine, neck, core and shoulders. This is one of the amazing yoga for beginner.

How to do it 

  • Firstly come into the positions in which wrists are exactly under the your shoulders and your knees are beneath your hips.
  • Inhale when your belly goes down towards the floor. On the same time, raise your chest and chin upwards.
  • Exhale when you press down your hands to curve your spine towards the ceiling and tuck your chin into the chest.
  • Repeat this pose according 5- 6 times or according to body.

3. Side body Stretch with Sukhasana

Side body stretch is good for body easy movements and flexibility. It strengthens the shoulders, arms and back muscles.

How to do it

  • Sit in comfortable positions with cross legged and straight spine.
  • Inhale as you arm up for side stretch.
  • Exhale when you are with extending arm to one side and lean over one arm.
  • You look towards the extended arm if want to deepen this yoga.
  • After that come back to the position from where you started.
  • Repeat this movement for other side of the body.
  • You can do this pose 4- 5 times on both sides.

4. Downward Dog

This yoga pose put pressure on the hamstrings muscles, spine, palms and feet. Hence strengthens these parts of the body parts.

How to do it

  • Stand on your feet and hands by uplifting the body upwards.
  • Put pressure on hands underneath your shoulders.
  • Place your feet underneath your hips
  • Lift your hips towards the ceiling and maintain this positions for few seconds.

5. Mountain Pose / Tadasana

It is simplest kind of yoga pose in which we stand strongly as mountain. Here the “tada” means mountain, hence derived its name.

It is basic of all the standing poses. It involves major muscles of the body and improve focus.

How to do it 

  • Stand with your toes together and heels just apart.
  • Put the arms just besides the torso.
  • Evenly spread your weight on your feet.
  • Directed the thigh muscles while rotating them inwards.
  • As you inhale, elongate your torso and exhale release the your shoulders away from the head.

6. Tree Pose

It is the perfect balancing yoga pose to work on to get good concentration and clarity in mind. It is advanced level step.

How to do it 

  • Start with one of your feet, stand it on this and place the other on the inner left upper thigh.
  • Press the hand position in prayer and find a spot to focus while standing on one feet.
  • Hold this position with 8-10 breathes then change the side. Make sure that core involved and shoulders in relaxed positions.

7. Triangle Pose

It is effective standing postures to stretch the sides of waist while open up the lungs, strengthening the legs and tone the entire body.

How to do it 

  • Stand your feet wide apart while forming the angle of 90 degree keeping the torso closer to the leg.
  • Balanced your weight on both feet while keep pressing your feet.
  • Inhale as you move down and exhale when you rest your right hand on the ankle or floor. Stretch your left arm towards ceiling.
  • Look towards ceiling and stay in the pose for 5-8 breaths.
  • Again inhale while coming back to the original position.
  • Repeat the process on the other side.

8. Warrior I (Virabhadrasana I)

Warrior Pose is good for the building stamina and improving strength in yoga practice. It stretches the hips and thighs while boosting the entire lower body and basic.

How to do it 

  • To perform this pose, stand straight in Tadasana or Mountain Pose. With an exhalation, put your one foot back. Just raise your arms in such way that these make 90 degree to the floor.
  • Turn your back foot in 45 to 60 degrees to the front foot while your front foot 90 degrees to the front.
  • Exhale and rotate the torso to the right.
  • Bend the right knee over the right foot so that shin makes 90 angle to the floor while left foot strongly on the floor.
  • Then Inhale while coming back to former position, straightening the right knee and back down the arms with the exhalation.
  • Take some breaths and then continue with the other feet for same duration.

9. Upward-Facing Dog

Upward facing dog stance, urdhva mukha savasana, is frequently done in conjunction with adho mukha savasana, downward facing dog pose. It is a strong position that strengthens the upper body and provides an excellent stretch for the chest and abdomen.

How to do it 

  • On the mat, lie on your stomach. Return your legs to the starting position, with the toes of your foot on the mat. Bend your elbows and place your palms beside your waist on the mat.
  • Inhale deeply and completely push your inner hands into the mat. Then stretch your arms and lift your chest and legs a few inches off the mat at the same time.
  • To open up your chest, draw your shoulders back, pinch your shoulder blades, and raise your head toward the ceiling.

10. Seated Forward Fold

Forward bends are essential to add into yoga practice to stretch the hamstrings, lower and upper back, and sides. Seated forward bend is an excellent yoga asana for beginners to begin opening the body and developing the ability to breathe in hard situations.

  • Seated on the floor with your buttocks supported by a folded blanket and your legs straight in front of you, support your buttocks with a folded blanket. Inhale deeply and stretch your hands above your head. Stretch forward with your arms, attempting to reach toward your feet.
  • Raise your chest and engage your lower abdominals, visualizing your belly button sliding towards the top of your thighs.
  • Hold the posture for up to ten breaths before slowly exhaling.


Here are many yoga poses that anybody can start when at beginning level of yoga. You can also join yoga classes for expert guidance.

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