In this blog article we will discuss the most effective Sun Salutations health benefits that happens when done on daily basis.

Sun Salutation can be a great way to start the yoga routine of the day. As Sun gives the life to this earth similarly this practice of surya namaskar brings energy flow in our body.

It connects our body, mind and spirit strongly with this eternal power while providing the sacredness.

With the practice of this surya namaskar, we also express our gratitude towards this sun (source of energy on this earth).

Let’s have some look on the various advantages we get through this surya namaskar.

5 Most Effective Sun Salutation Health Benefits

Improve Flexibility and Muscles:

It involves all muscle groups and nerve centers also known as Chakras. It puts pressure almost on the body parts such as arms, thighs, core and butt.

This body movement make our body more flexible and enhances the body postures.

Balance Hormones

It helps in proper secretion of hormones in our body by improving the blood circulation in our body. When body stretch while doing surya namaskar, blood flow increases.

This flow also carries the important hormones for our body parts. Hence, sufficient supply of hormones in our body done through this wonderful art.

Manage the Weight Loss

Weight loss is always a task for many people. But with the help of this practice, you can easily loss your weight. It balanced your metabolism and helps to burn extra fat in the body.

One of the Sun Salutation Health benefits is to get rid of all toxins from the body and gives relaxation to the body.

Increases concentration by awakening the conscious mind

This sun salutation yoga increases your awareness and energy level in the body. Since while performing yoga postures, we have certain breathing pattern.

This provides the deep relaxing to the body and sharps all our senses associated with our body.

Good Absorption of Nutrients in the body

When we perform this sun salutation yoga, it improves our digestive tract and helps it to release important juices in our body.

Through this process, our body easily absorb the nutrients in our body. This results in improving our overall health mentally as well as physically.

Enhance the emotional stability

These surya namaskar asanas can help maintain emotional level of our mind. It mainly put major impact on our mind. It helps in good functioning of it.

It is one of the best sun salutations health benefits that it provides mental clarity and spiritual awareness in us.

Reduces the mood swings

In surya namaskar, we perform various asanas which includes the deep breathing methods. As a results of these techniques, our nerve cells or chakras gets activated.

These all activity in the body enhances the brain functioning. It creates the balance between right and left sides of brain.

This brings the more mental clarity and increases creativity.

Skin Glow Improves

When we perform all the asanas in the surya namaskar, it improves the blood circulation in the body. This also strengthen the digestion process and helps in good sleep.

As a result of all these process in the body, you can get the better glowing skin.


Here above we discussed the many advantages of surya namaskar. You can get all these benefits by performing all these asanas well.

You can also get the proper guidance of yoga trainer by joining a yoga class. So, if want to obtain the sun salutations health benefits, you can join our yoga teacher training class.